2018 Kickball Tournament

Central Admin All-Stars pitcher rolls the ball in hopes of a strike.
By: Samantha Solliday
The sound of cheers covered the Killeen Lions Park softball and baseball fields Saturday morning as athletes took to the field. A KLSS player runs to first base
But these weren’t your typical athletes, they were teachers, principals, administration staff, secretaries and others representing a cross-section of Killeen ISD campuses and departments, ready to show off for their team in the annual KISD Kickball Tournament.
Hosted by the Employee Benefits department as one of the many Superintendent’s Cup challenges, 31 teams laced up their shoes and put on their uniforms to determine the best kickball team in the district. The gusty winds were not going to slow the determined players or the erratic kickball.
“This gives us a chance to work together in a fun, silly environment,” said Executive Director for Career and Technical Education Nancy Duran.
“We get to cheer each other on, which is something that we don’t normally get to do.”
Competition was fierce in the double-elimination tournament, as teams battled to move up in the brackets to A Meadows player touches home plate get a douse player out.reach the championship game.
“We came to have fun, but then Ellison got us fired up and we rallied and came back to beat them,” said Brookhaven Principal Iris Felder.
“This really helps us to become one as a campus,” she said. “Being able to see your friends from across the district is also so great. I love that we can all come together in a non-work environment and just have a good time.” 
Athletes dove to catch balls, sprinted to bases and slid into home all to give their team an advantage, and to get in touch with their inner-child.
“We love coming to this because it reminds us to never stop playing,” said Rancier Middle School teacher John David Rivera. “It gives us a chance to connect back to our kids and remember that you can play and have fun as an adult.
“We look forward to this every year,” he continued. “Our main goal is to come out, have a good time, and get some wins.” The KLSS pitcher tags a Cavazos player running to first.
Throughout the day, teams cheered each other on and the brackets got smaller and smaller, until finally there were only two teams left - Hobby Elementary and Live Oak Ridge Middle School.
After a hard-fought battle in two final games, Hobby Elementary claimed the title of top kickball team in KISD.
Awarding the team, Wellness Specialist Nicole Koenen thanked her committee for helping put on the successful tournament every year.
“Thank you, Chris Hess, Michael Pointer, Ann Clark, Vicky Mintz, James Cabana, Kayren McCarty and Wayne Moore. I would also like to thank Killeen Parks and Recreation for use of both of the amazing Lion’s Club Park complexes,” she said.
Central Admin All-Star player takes a swing at the kickball. “We saw a great deal of district and campus leadership supporting their teams and even some playing for their teams. Thank you to them, as well!”