At-Risk, Sec. 504, Dyslexia & Homebound

The At-Risk, Section 504, Dyslexia, and General Education Homebound office provides coordination and support for campus-based programs designed to meet the needs of students qualifying for specialized instructional interventions.

Mission Statement
In collaboration with teachers, parents, students, and the community, our mission is to provide students access to the general curriculum, so that they have every opportunity to meet their potential and feel confident in the classroom and beyond. Please use the links on this page to learn more about our programs and services.

Contact Us
If you have questions about intervention resources and programs, contact your student's campus, or one of our specialists:

Michelle Oswalt At-Risk, Sec. 504, Dyslexia, GEH Specialist - Elementary 254-336-0374
Christina Walker At-Risk, Sec. 504, Dyslexia, GEH Specialist - Secondary 254-336-0207