50th Club Allegro Choir Show

KHS 50th Club Allegro Saturday
By: Todd Martin
At 50 years of age, Killeen High School's Club Allegro choir show hasn’t lost a step and this year's version is rocking hard as ever.
“Reeling in the Years” is this year’s theme for the oldest show in town, choir director Justine Halamicek said, promoting the choir pop show that first opened in 1969 in the school cafeteria.
Expect a few KHS choir alumni to join the show as guest MCs on stage to help introduce 25 acts featuring music from the 1970s to the present with a few nods to past Club Allegro presentations.
Tickets are $10 in advance through Thursday and $12 at the door. Saturday’s show starts at 7 p.m. A silent auction and light refreshments will be available.
As always, Club Allegro raises funds for college and choir camp scholarships. A live band and professional sound and light will make the night even more special for student performers.
Killeen High senior Avalyn James is the official mistress of ceremonies and hopes to have plenty of help from alumni guests to bring a nostalgic touch to the school’s long-running musical tradition.
“I want to add some fun for the audience, to give engaging commentary and really to shape the atmosphere,” the All-State Choir senior said. “We want it to have a nostalgic feel, for guests coming back to feel like they are back in the choir program.”
A lot of the work for performers goes into the auditions in December, when more than 100 acts went before judges. Each individual or group comes up with a song and prepares their choreography and backup vocals.
In some ways, for students, the night on stage is a surreal moment of bright lights and wild audience applause that is an emotional charge for seniors, who prepare their own class song performed near the end of the night.
“It’s very engaging,” James said. “We all have a role to play. The reward is hearing the audience applause and seeing the support for our school and community.”
Senior Elizabeth Mattson and her peers said the busy final year is already crowding schedules, but that in the bright lights of their final Club Allegro, the emotion will certainly flow.
“We want to honor the songs that have been performed over the years,” said Mattson, who pointed out that her dad performed in Club Allegro as a KHS student. “I hope the audience enjoys it and gets into it.”
“On stage you can’t really see the audience, but it’s fun to hear the reaction,” she said. “We’re busier now than I expected as seniors, but I think it will get emotional that night especially with the senior song.”
Entering his first Club Allegro, sophomore Christian Castano said it’s fun to prepare for a show featuring mainstream music that tends to be more personal for the high school students. “There are lots of styles from quieter songs to some that get really amped up.”
Sean Alexander, KHS senior and choir president, said it’s a fun, emotional time for the close-knit choir students to perform all together in front of a large audience.
“It’s fun because the whole choir is together, everyone is included,” he said. Looking to his fourth and final Club Allegro, he said, “I’m happy and sad at the same time.”