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Students are no longer allowed to bring backpacks or large bags in to any part of Searles and Leo Buckley stadiums. The stadiums will not provide a holding place for backpacks or bags. For the purposes of this restriction, students will be identified as those with a Student ID and/or holding a Student ticket for the game.
Consent Forms Via Rank One - Click Here    Pre Participation Evaluation Form - Click Here
Online Submission: Required Athletic Participation Form

Killeen ISD introduces online submission for required athletic participation form. Click here to access. Download are step-by-step guide by clicking here

All forms are to be completed online except the annual physical and medical history form which can be downloaded here.   

If you have any questions, please contact the below Athletic Trainers or Campus Athletic Coordinators:

Chaparral High School
Athletic Trainers:  Brynna Seay, Derran Strydom
Campus Athletic Coordinator:  Alan Haire

Ellison High School
Athletic Trainers:  Dallin Lund, Codi Simmons, or John Dickerson (MS feeders)
Campus Athletic Coordinator:  Danny Servance

Harker Heights High School
Athletic Trainers:  Andy WilsonJanna Ochoa, or Kristin Wilson (MS feeders)
Campus Athletic Coordinator:  Jerry Edwards

Killeen High School
Athletic Trainers:  Jessica Beeman, Trysten Kienzl, or Logan Mahlock (MS feeders)
Campus Athletic Coordinator:  Joshua Sadler

Shoemaker High School
Athletic Trainers:  Alex Nelson, Leslie Picasio
Campus Athletic Coordinator:  Toby Foreman

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