ECHS Library Policy 

    • Students are required to have a visible, valid ECHS ID or temporary ID to use the library.
    • The library is open to students from 8:00 until 4:00 on school days. Students should have a pass to use the library during class time.
    • Digital resources are provided by the district. Access additional information by logging into the library homepage or by contacting Mrs. Worth.
    • Students may check out up to three library books at one time.
    • Students may use Destiny to request a book or use the Check-Out link on Schoology.
    • Books are due on the third Tuesday of each month. 
    • Students may renew books one time online (Schoology Renewal Form) or multiple times at the information desk in the library.
    • If a book is lost, the replacement cost of the book is charged.
    • Food and drinks are not allowed in the library. 


    ECHS Library Guidelines 

    Welcome to Early College High School Library. Our goal is to enhance and promote student learning and support teaching curriculum and instruction. To ensure optimum use of all library materials and preservation of both materials and equipment, please follow the guidelines listed below.

    • Your campus ID card is required for library materials.
    • The librarian is available to the staff for instructional and curriculum support and to assist with the materials housed in the library.
    • To schedule classes for book check-out and/or research, please contact Mrs. Worth so she can put you on the calendar. Library times need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
    • Students may visit the library during class time with a pass. The pass must indicate the purpose of the visit (check out books, research, print, work on…) plus how long they are permitted to stay. The maximum number of students allowed to visit the library from an individual class is 4.  
    • Students with lost/damaged book fines may not check out books until books are returned and fines paid.
    • The library does have one printer for student use. 
      • There are no computers available for students to use in the library. 
      • Students may print before school, during lunch, or with a pass from their teacher.  
        • Students sent during class should be ready to print.  To ensure students are not missing instructional time, students will be sent back to class if printing takes an extended amount of time.
      • Students are only allowed 5 pages to print per day and the content needs to be school-related.
      • We are experiencing a GLOBAL paper shortage. Therefore, printing may be limited or not permitted throughout the school year.