Music Enrichment Program Parent Information

  • Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child in the Music Enrichment Program.

    In order to participate in the Music Enrichment program, students must be currently enrolled in a KISD middle school or high school band, orchestra, or choir program where an MEP is offered. Participation is voluntary.

    The KISD Music Enrichment Program is administered by the Director of Fine Arts and the KISD music staff.

    The enrichment teachers will be recruited, interviewed, and recommended by KISD music teachers and the Director of Fine Arts.

    All students who participate in the program must first complete an application form with the signature of a parent/guardian. These forms are available on-line or through a music enrichment teacher or KISD music teacher.

    MEP lessons must be taught in practice rooms and classrooms of KISD schools during band, choir, or orchestra classes, lunch, before or after school, or on weekends. All scheduling is subject to approval of the director, parent, and instructor.

    Students should provide all instructional materials (books, music, etc.) unless other arrangements have been made between the director and the MEP instructor.

    Students are expected to notify the enrichment instructor at least 24 hours in advance of missing a scheduled lesson. The instructor and/or the supervising director may make exceptions in the event of sudden illness or emergency. When lessons are missed due to an excused absence, the instructor will make every effort to provide a makeup subject to agreement with the student and parent and as scheduling allows. Makeup lessons are not required. If at least a 24 hour notice is not provided before missing a lesson or the absence is unexcused, no refund of the lesson fee will be provided.

    Excused absences will consist of, but not limited to, school-sponsored trips, sickness with proper notice, school testing, or circumstances out of the student’s control. Unexcused absences will consist of, but not limited to, forgetting about lessons, absences without notice, or choosing to do another activity during scheduled lesson time.

    Students may stop taking lessons at the end of any month. A student may be dropped by an instructor, with approval of the supervising director, for excessive absences, consistent lack of preparation, lack of payment, or unacceptable behavior.

    MEP teachers may suspend/postpone lessons if payment is not received. Lessons may be rescheduled once payments are up to date.

    Lesson fees will be paid directly to the campus budget secretary or the student activity clerk in the campus main office. Payments should not be made directly to MEP instructors.

    MEP instruction can be individual or in groups of two or three. Students in small group instruction will split the fee equally.

    MEP instruction fees are based on a flat rate of $20 per half hour or $40 per hour. Lessons will be prorated based on length.

    Frequency of lessons will be determined by the instructor’s availability and schedule, student need, and parent and student request. Lessons may be held weekly, twice a month, or once a month.