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Update: 03/02/21 -- At this time, Killeen ISD will not make any changes to the Public Health Guide, including our COVID-19 face-covering mitigation protocols, until we receive further guidance from the Texas Education Agency.

NOTICE:  The conditions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic are continually evolving, and Killeen ISD’s Return to Learn plans will adapt to the continuing trends of the COVID-19 virus. 

Killeen ISD will offer two instructional delivery models for our students: Traditional In-Person Learning on campus, or Virtual Learning at home.  


Regardless of the learning option you choose for your child, the expectations for coursework and the grading procedures will be the same for both in-person and virtual learners.  There will be no distinction between in-person and virtual learners for calculation of GPA and class rank.   


Both delivery models share a common, online, Learning Management System (LMS) to allow for the same educational content to be available for both the in-person and virtual learner.  The LMS is vital in linking the in-person learner to the virtual learner within the same class. It will allow the virtual learner to participate with the traditional class and prepares the in-person learner for virtual learning should the need arise.


The KISD Virtual Learning option is being provided for our families who have health and safety concerns with sending their children back to our campuses. We invite you to visit the links below to learn more about each option: 

Killeen ISD realizes that not all courses translate to a virtual learning environment, particularly specialized courses offered to secondary students (examples: an advanced science lab, welding, or a certified nursing assistant course). For these specialized courses that are not offered virtually, students will have the option to either attend in-person or KISD staff will work with your child to find a suitable replacement course. In addition, some specialized courses that are offered through our Virtual Learning plan may require in-person learning experiences on campus.  A listing of these specialized courses can be viewed by clicking here. UIL extracurricular activities, such as fine arts and athletics, will also be available as in-person activities for our virtual learners.

Registration and Modality of Instruction 

Your child’s schedule and teacher assignments cannot be finalized until your online registration is complete.  Students may transition between In-Person and Virtual Learning.


FAQParent Information FAQs 

Killeen ISD knows that you and your family likely have many questions before you can make this important decision.

Killeen ISD will continue to implement IEP or 504 plans in the virtual learning plan. However, the virtual learning option may affect the District’s ability to provide some direct services to your child. Further, it may be difficult to replicate some provisions of the IEP/504 plan in the virtual learning environment such as related services, small group instruction, and/or inclusion services. 

To assist you in making this decision we have posted detailed information in the links below.

University Interscholastic League (UIL)

To read the latest COVID-19 Athletics information, click here



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