All Around the World Festival

Timber Ridge celebrates cultures
By: Timber Ridge Elementary
Timber Ridge Elementary School started off 2020 celebrating cultural diversity at a huge “All Around the World” festival. It was the first Multicultural Awareness night the campus had hosted, and from the attendance and enthusiasm it was clear that this was an event the community wanted!
A total of 243 parents, 280 students, and 38 staff members attended the cultural “show and tell” festival the evening of Jan. 16.
Two dance teams began the event. The Angels, a traditional South Korean dance team, were precise, graceful, and wore beautiful hanbok. They were followed by a Panamanian dance team, Conjunto Folklorico RINCÒN de PANAMÁ, with four lively dances that the audience loved. The traditional dress and headwear were stunning, and many audience members took photos with the troop after the magnificent performance.
Booths and stations were set up by families that displayed a country or culture from their household. In total, 22 countries were represented with over 50 combined adult and student presenters.
Volunteers from Timber Ridge and the KISD community came in with videos, artifacts, flags, and delicious dishes for guests to enjoy. Many presenters came in cultural dress and some student attendees came in their traditional clothing as well!
It was a party that showed off the diversity here in Killeen and celebrated how we have the unique opportunity to enjoy and learn from each other’s cultures.
Students in English as a Second Language made presentations about their home language and culture and were honorary guests. Families received information about the ESL program as well as TELPAS and were encouraged to help Timber Ridge become a more inclusive place for all cultures here on campus.
The huge turnout, and the festive atmosphere made it clear that the campus wants to get to know more about the various cultures of students and staff members.
Many students learned about countries they had never heard of from students and parents that grew up around the world. Parents commented that this kind of exposure and introduction to global connectedness was just what their learner needed.
It was hard to tell who had more fun, the presenters, the teachers, the students, or the parents that attended. One thing was clear, Timber Ridge Elementary School loves our multicultural student population! It was a phenomenal night!