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Killeen ISD Prioritizes Educators, Raising Starting Teacher Salary to $56,160

The Killeen ISD Board of Trustees prioritized the classroom teacher passing an 8% pay increase for classroom teachers, and a 6% increase for all employees.

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By:Taina Maya

Killeen ISD employs a phenomenal team of approximately 6,100+ individuals dedicated to working together as a well-orchestrated team to ensure facilities are inviting; campuses are safe and orderly; curricula remains rigorous, innovative, and challenging; and extra-curricular activities provide avenues for students to become well-rounded individuals. These collective efforts result in KISD graduates who are equipped with the skills necessary to be successful young adults. 

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Competitive Salaries and Stipends New Teacher Salary is $52,000 Health, Dental, Disability, and Life Benefits Package Bilingual Classroom Teacher Stipend $5,000 Special Education Self-Contained Teacher Stipend $3,500