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The Attendance Department works diligently with campuses and families to make sure our students are at school every day! We want all students to succeed, which includes attending every class, every day on time.

We want to work with you, we want you to be successful, we want to see every child show up and move forward!

Attendance is required by law
Under the Texas State Compulsory Attendance Law 25.085, compulsory attendance applies to students who are at least six years old as of September 1 of the applicable school year. The law requires a student to attend public school until the student's 19th birthday unless the student is exempt under 25.086. This includes students below the age of six who voluntarily enrolled in Pre-kindergarten or Kindergarten.

When your student is out, it is a good practice to call the school and inform them of the absence and the reason for the absence.  A 3-day absence without contact between the home and the school can result in a visit from the attendance officer. 

Documentation - Submitting an absence note:
If a student is not present at the time of attendance, teachers will mark them absent. Students who miss school are REQUIRED, to submit a note from their parent or guardian explaining the absence.  Please make sure this note is given to the Attendance Secretary at your student's school, not his/her teacher. Students who have a personal illness resulting in more than a 5-day consecutive absence period requires a physician's note for this absence. When students are absent, parents are required to submit a note explaining why the student was absent.  This can be a note submitted from a professional such as a doctor, dentist, or judge; or a parent can write a note. 

The note(s) should identify the dates missed by the student with the reason for the absence clarified. Parents can write notes covering ten days per school year for elementary and middle school students. For high school students, parents can write 3 notes per nine-week grading period, for a total of twelve absences per school year. 

For your convenience, a parent excuse note form has been accessed by clicking here for elementary and middle school students. 

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