Campus Improvement Plans

    • The purpose of the Campus Improvement Plan (DIP) is to guide campus staff in the improvement of student performance. By addressing specific academic goals for all student groups, the district strives to attain state standards with respect to the academic excellence indicators adopted under Section 39.051 of the Texas Education Code. The 2022-2023 CIP's have been reviewed by the Campus Site-Based Decision-Making (SBDM) Committees, as well as various district departments. Changes/additions have been made as requested by these groups.

      In accordance with Texas Education Code, Section 39A.057, the Board of Trustees conduct a public hearing annually to notify the public of the insufficient performance of the campuses, the performance improvements expected by the agency, and the sanctions that may be imposed if performance does not improve. Targeted improvement plans are required to be approved by the Board. The district and targeted improvement plans are also available for review.

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