Compensation and Stipends

Killeen ISD proudly offers competitive salaries and stipends to employees.  Beginning in the 2022-2023 school year, our starting teacher salary pay is $56,160, the highest in the region! Killeen ISD proudly offers competitive compensation for a variety of positions district-wide, including stipends for critical needs areas upon hiring, and longevity stipends for every five-year increment that you choose to continue your career with us. The District also customarily offers annual pay raises to help adjust the cost of living, so you can confidently join our team knowing how much we value our employees.

To view or download our current salary and stipend information, please click the quick links. 

Killeen ISD Prioritizes Educators, Raising Starting Teacher Salary to $56,160

The Killeen ISD Board of Trustees prioritized the classroom teacher passing an 8% pay increase for classroom teachers, and a 6% increase for all employees.

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By:Taina Maya

KISD invests additional $14.8 million in employees.
Killeen ISD launches Bold Teacher Referral Program and Expresses Appreciation to Current Employees

The Killeen ISD Board of Trustees voted Tuesday night to provide appreciation and hiring stipends.

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By:Taina Maya