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Killeen ISD continues to closely monitor the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19. KISD is also in continuous communication with the Bell County Health District, the CDC, and officials at Fort Hood to coordinate our efforts. We have created this webpage to continue to provide updates to our KISD Community as information becomes available.‚Äč 

04/13/2021 - 11:20 a.m.:  In a multi-week event, Killeen ISD administered approximately 2,570 COVID-19 vaccinations to their employees! Beginning April 20, 2021, the district will continue its efforts with a drive-thru clinic at Leo Buckley Stadium. This initiative will be coordinated by the Bell County Health District and the Killeen Office of Emergency Management, with KISD involved in a supportive role.
More information will be posted here in the coming days:

03/05/2021 - 5:17 p.m.:  KISD Employee COVID-19 Vaccine Sign Up: In Killeen ISD, we are committed to mitigating COVID-19 to promote the health and safety of our staff by providing free COVID-19 vaccinations to our staff, including KISD substitute teachers.


01/26/2021 - 11:21 p.m.: At the Tuesday, January 26, 2021 board meeting, the KISD Board of Trustees approved to extend Emergency Paid Sick Leave (EPSL) due to COVID-19 for employees who meet the criteria, and who did not use all 10 days/80 hours provided by the previously allowed COVID Leave through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) in 2020.
The new COVID-19 Leave resolution would be retroactive as of January 1, 2021 and through June 30, 2021 for those that apply and are approved through Human Resources.

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01/06/2021 - 4:00 p.m.: Killeen ISD Parents,  The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) have updated their Close Contact Stay-At-Home guidance to allow for two shorter isolation options. Effective today, (January 5, 2021) Killeen ISD will change the 14-day KISD Close Contact isolation period to 10 calendar days to align with the CDC and TEA.  KISD students who have been deemed in Close Contact and have NOT experienced any COVID-19 symptoms can return to school:

- On Day 10 without getting tested for COVID-19
- On Day 7 with a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) COVID-19 lab-confirmed test* taken no sooner than 5 days after being exposed to COVID-19 (within 48 hours before returning to campus)
-Employees and Students must pass the daily self-screener to return to work.
*A KISD Rapid Screener does not qualify as a PCR lab-confirmed COVID-19 test.

We continue to monitor COVID-19 cases across the district and consult with the Bell County Health District as needed. The KISD Public Health Guide has been updated to align with the new changes and a new COVID Student Flowchart linked below.


12/17/2020 - 8:30 a.m.: Killeen ISD remains committed to timely COVID-19 communication with parents, employees, and the community by releasing a major update to the district's COVID-19 dashboard.  
The new dashboard will continue to track ongoing cases for 7-days, as suggested by the Bell County Health District, but starting today users will see an expanded view at the bottom of each page.

At the bottom of each page, users will now see the total number of reported cases in a 14-day period and the axis of the bar graph has been increased to allow users to understand the numbers with ease.

11/19/2020 - 4:00 p.m.: Killeen ISD to take part in a statewide COVID-19 screening program offered by the Texas Department of Emergency Management and the Texas Education Agency.  Available to all KISD students and staff, optional free screening will begin Thursday, December 3 at the former Nolan Middle School building on 505 Jasper Drive in Killeen.  By appointment only, a booking link is provided on the following webpage.


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