Delivering Grants for Learning

Brookhaven teacher wins grant
By: Todd Martin
Unwilling to give innovation a holiday, many Killeen ISD teachers are excited to use the summer break to go to school and share their learning with next year’s students.
The Killeen ISD Education Foundation grant patrol made stops at nine schools Tuesday to award 15 grants worth $52,312 to send educators to conferences addressing physical education, music, technology, dyslexia and more.
One of the most excited grant recipients, Brookhaven Elementary School pre-kindergarten teacher Ebone Ross jumped up and down and cheered when she realized the spewing celebration string was for her.
She and her team won a $4,754 grant to attend a “Visible Learning” conference. The teacher said the event focuses on communicating to teachers the deep impact they have on students. “That means so much to me,” Ross said.
Brookhaven Elementary School won a second grant, “Leading Learners,” at $1,515 that will bring professional development through webinars for the whole school staff.
Brookhaven Principal Iris Felder said grants for learning build in to teachers’ desires for innovation and motivation. The webinar, she said, will allow her teachers to take advantage of a wealth of knowledge during scheduled professional development days.
The learning, she said, gives tips sequentially from planning through design, execution, intervention and assessment.
Oveta Culp Hobby Elementary School on Fort Hood did the most celebrating, with teachers combining to win four grants for professional development in this cycle.
“Our teachers are so dedicated,” said Hobby Assistant Principal Robin Lawrence. “They want to keep learning.” The school’s four grants address music, physical education, kindergarten and restorative discipline.
“It supports our community and it’s engaging for students because the learning transfers to the classroom,” Lawrence said after joining the grant patrol to deliver the multiple enlarged checks and balloon bouquets across the school.
Hobby kindergarten teacher Anne Harrison gathered her peers to join the celebration over a $1,585 grant to send the six teachers to a conference called “Kindergarten Smorgasbord.”
The specialized learning about teaching kindergarten students focuses on meeting each child at their specific academic level and stretching their learning. “I’m excited to go and bring back the learning,” she said.
“The foundation is happy to support teachers and staff to travel for training,” said Foundation Director Joyce Hodson. “We’re also seeing more teachers apply for webinar learning, which benefits all teachers and staff at the camps through technology.”
The KISD Education Foundation, established in 2000, provides grants to teachers for classroom activities during a fall distribution and the professional development grants in the spring.
It also hosts the annual Starmakers Academic Recognition Banquet, scheduled May 23 to honor the top 10 graduating seniors from each high school and their selected most influential teacher.

This year's professional development grants include the following:
Brookhaven ES “Visible Learning,” $4,754 and “Leading Learners,” $1,515; Eastern Hills MS “Conference for Advancement of Science Teachers,” $4,996; Live Oak Ridge MS “Differentiated Instruction,” $4,644; Willow Springs ES “Elementary Technology Conference,” $6,522 and “Texas PE Conference,” $2,465; East Ward/Maude Moore Wood ES “Texas PE Conference,” $2,683; Oveta Culp Hobby ES “Taking Kindergarten to New Heights,” $1,585, “Music Conference” $990, “Texas PE Conference” $2,650 and “We’re All in This Together,” $3,500; Nolanville ES “Get Your Teach On” $3,430; Palo Alto MS “Instructional Coach Conference” $3,918; and Montague Village ES “International Dyslexia Conference” $4,306 and “Teaching with Poverty in Mind” $4,348.