Distributing Donated Books

Retired educators distribute books
By: Todd Martin
A retired teachers’ group made their annual contribution to motivate student reading the day before the Thanksgiving break.
Determined to give away 1,000 books to children a year, the Killeen Schools Retirees Association brought its Children’s Book Project and 500 donated books to Peebles Elementary School for distribution.
It was the group’s second book giveaway of the year and allowed pre-kindergarten through second-graders to choose a book to keep, either in English or Spanish just before beginning a week off of school.
“We like it because students can take home a book and read it again and again,” said Peebles Campus Instructional Specialist Norma Romero Komlofske. “Some don’t have the means to buy books, so this is a way to encourage them to bring books home. They are excited.”
The retiree association raises donations and purchases books from book fairs and retailers at discounted prices.
At Peebles, students cycled through the cafeteria and picked out their chosen titles as retirees assisted.
“They are excited,” said Peebles first-grade teacher Tamika Christie. “We work on sight words in first grade. To have their own book is exciting. We’re having them put their name in it. They love reading.”