Youth Ambassador Program

  • Youth Ambassador Program

    The Youth Sponsorship program is a team effort between the Child and Youth Services (CYS), the School Liaison Officers (SLO), schools, and other resources to provide transitioning youth with information, a sense of belonging, and an opportunity to make friends. Youth Ambassadors are students in 3rd-5th grade, who step up and serve as leaders of their class and school. Applicants for Youth Ambassadors should hold the following qualities:

    • Respectful of individual differences

    • Willing to listen to others

    • Patient and flexible

    • Passing all subjects at each grading period

    • Willing to lead and serve others

    • Communicates well with others

    • Positive Attitude

    • Problem Solver

    • Good moral character

    • Serves as a good role model for other students

    Meadows Youth Ambassadors meets regularly throughout the year with the counselors and other staff to work on leadership and service activities. Each Classroom Youth Ambassador is teamed up with a younger grade classroom serving as a peer mentor to the students in the assigned class. Youth Ambassadors conduct campus tours, and assist with walking young students to class in the morning, as well as assisting in the front office for new students.

    Contact the counselors or front office about how to apply for this program. 254-336-1870.