Dream Home Connection

Second-graders design alongside high school students
By: Todd Martin
Five second-graders’ dream homes came to design phase reality when they joined high school architecture students at the Killeen ISD Career Center.
The five young students won an essay contest through the Military Child Education Coalition in which they described their dream homes.
The top five, selected from 41 participants, won the chance to visit the Career Center and join second- and third-year architecture students to actually put their ideas to the design phase.
After about 90 minutes of work alongside their new friends, the second-graders received a surprise – 3D house trophies the high school students made for them.
Stephanie Young, MCEC Chief Technology Officer, organized the Dream Your Home essay contest and interactive design activity to stimulate writing and architectural design skills and to build connection between the elementary schools and the specialized career-focused high school.
Maxdale Elementary School first-grader Genevieve Horvath won the top prize.
Ellie Bera of Iduma won second. Jayda Wells of Iduma won third. Samantha Valadez of Maxdale won fourth. Jaida Phillips of Ira Cross won fifth.
“It was very awesome,” said Horvath after working alongside high school designers on a computer-assisted design computer program. “I’m very surprised I got picked.”
Recalling from memory her winning essay, she said she dreamed of a three-level house with a huge garden behind it.
There would be a large den with plasma-screen TV, soft couch and glass table, big bedrooms and a very special breakroom with walls like an aquarium complete with dancing fish.
“I thought the dream house was good when it was done,” she said.
Career Center architecture and construction teacher Jeffrey Fuller was pleased to host the young guests and was happy his students got to work with second-grade clients.
“It’s always good for the younger students to come see what we do here,” he said. “It gives my students here a chance to help someone else. I think it helps create value in how they feel about what they are doing in class.”