*** Time Warner Cable Channel ***

    Effective October 1, 2010, Time Warner Cable moved the KISDTV channel from Analog cable channel 17 to Digital, TV 10.17. This move is an effort to increase capacity and deliver more digital programing. This move will only effect customers that do not have a cable converter box, or televisions that are not equipped with a QAM Digital tuner. If your television is newer than 2008 then you should be able to re-scan your Digital TV to pickup the new channels including KISDTV on channel 10.17. If you do not have a newer TV please contact Time Warner Cable at 1-(866) 336-0972 to inquire about a cable converter box for your TV.

    If your TV is connected to a TW Cable converter box already, then KISDTV will remain on Channel 17.

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