By Todd Martin

    Valentine’s Day is serious business at Cedar Valley Elementary School – a seriously fun business.

    On Valentine's Day, students, staff and parents will discover that the school experienced a heart attack night before. It was a heart attack of caring.

    About 20 first- to fifth-grade student council members stuck around after school Monday and with counselor Brandi Carroll’s direction, taped cutout hearts of various sizes all over the walls of the school.

    With students gathered in a corner of the school just after dismissal, the counselor sounded like a coach giving important direction before a game and her players responded.

    “Today we are giving the school a really cool and good heart attack,” said fifth-grader Michael Saiz, the student council president, choosing his words carefully.

    In addition to the paper hearts along the walls of each hallway, larger banners declare the council’s love for Cedar Valley.

    Outside the school, only under the covered walkways, students also chalked messages and images consistent with Valentine’s Day and love for the school.

    For Carroll, the student council sponsor at Cedar Valley, the “heart attack” was a fun idea to extend some good feelings to some hard-working staff and students.

    The love doesn’t end with paper hearts and chalked messages, though. Valentine's Day also culminates an annual fundraiser for Cedar Valley’s fifth grade with the sale of carnations.

    The fifth-grade Talented and Gifted class ordered 1,750 red, white and pink carnations from Flowers by Patricia's to meet demand for their annual grade-level project.

    Students took orders from their peers, as well as from school staff members, parents and anyone wanting to purchase a $1 flower goodie for a friend.

    “It’s a cool Valentine Day gift,” Saiz said of the barrage of hallway hearts. It’s really fun and it’s a good way to show our love for the school. It’s also a good way to work together to reach a goal.”

    February 13, 2017

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