By Todd Martin

    Combining love for animals with a desire to serve the community, students from Ira Cross Elementary School brought donated food and supplies to animals awaiting adoption.

    Eight students representing the school’s National Elementary Honor Society delivered the donation Thursday to the Killeen Animal Services shelter.

    School counselors Crystal Castillo and Brandon Tanner, sponsors for the honor society, said students led the way promoting the needs of the shelter and gathering the donated supplies.

    Fourth-grader Lillian Swiney-Malave, chapter president, said the students wanted to help animals in need.

    “We wanted to come help out,” she said. “I thought it was a lot that we brought. There is food, blankets and shampoo. It’s all so we could help their needs so they would feel safe here.”

    Students made collection boxes for the school, distributed flyers and promoted their efforts in their classes and through daily announcements.

    Animal Services Manager Ed Tucker gave the students and adult sponsors a tour of the shelter and explained the process of adoption and volunteering at the facility.

    A few students took time to interact with certain dogs.

    “Animals are my favorite,” said Swiney-Malave. “I’ve always had a pet. I think they will be happy.”

    The elementary honor society requires that members have a 3.0 grade point average, have a teacher recommendation and show strong character and leadership skills.

    Over the years, the group has participated in food drives, veterans’ charities and Lemonade Day.

    “I like to help our community,” said fourth-grader Janetta Fabian, the group’s vice president. “I want to help everyone.”

    March 10, 2017

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