By Samantha Solliday

    Determined to promote healthy living, a committee of 25 Clear Creek Elementary School wellness enthusiasts organized and hosted a wellness fair at the school.

    A group of 12 health industry representatives made up the school’s first wellness fair spread through the cafeteria Thursday to display ways to stay healthy.

    All of the vendors came with various activities.

    Jazzercise led exercises and GrabbaGreen offered health drinks. Clear Creek Run Club members spoke with students and parents about the benefits of cardiovascular exercise.

    Fifth-grade student Marissa Christenson was excited to showcase the Run Club and its benefits to other Clear Creek students.

    “Our main objective is to train and be able to run at least one 5K,” she said. “I love that this is open to all fourth and fifth-grade students. We get so much support from our coaches.

    “We have between 30 and 40 members,” she continued. “I play on a competitive soccer team and this has really helped build my confidence.”

    Physical Education teacher Amber Koloroutis created the Clear Creek Wellness committee. While they predominately focused on staff wellness, Koloroutis realized that there was a need to reach out to their Clear Creek community as well.

    “We really wanted to do something for the students and their families,” said Koloroutis. “We want our families to be aware of all the opportunities that have in Killeen when it comes to wellness.”

    The committee started brainstorming and began making phone calls to various wellness businesses, and before they knew it they had a variety of vendors that were excited about the opportunity.

    “I am really surprised at the amount of interest that we have had,” she stated. “This has been a really amazing turnout.”

    English as a Second Language teacher Sheridan Williams was proud of the Clear Creek coaches and that they have done for the campus.

    “Our PE coaches are amazing,” she said. “Not only do they work on physical fitness, but they work with our students on meditation and breathing techniques.

    “I really believe that helps with student learning and has a positive impact on student behavior.”

    February 12, 2018

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