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Join the Killeen ISD Education Foundation in supporting exceptional teachers in our community. Each year Killeen ISD Education Foundation awards grants to teachers across the district. Teachers are overwhelmed by the support of their community. Join the foundation in providing innovative tools and training for Killeen ISD teachers by making your contribution today. Click here to donate.

Bulls Eye Mathematics

See Foundation dollars in action at Nolanville Elementary School as students participate in Bulls Eye Math which engages them in archery to master new math skills, relate and apply them to the real world with understanding. Bulls Eye Math is a National Archery Program that promotes partnerships between classroom and physical education teachers.

Bulls Eye Video

2015 Kliewer Family Leadership Award Application

The Killeen Education Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2015 Kliewer Family Leadership Award. Graduating High School seniors ranking in the top ten of their class are eligible to apply. Click here to view the application and learn more.

Auxiliary Personnel and Family Member Scholarships

Killeen ISD Auxiliary Personnel and their family members are eligible to apply for a 2015 Killeen ISD Auxiliary Employee or Auxiliary Family Member Scholarship. Each recipient will receive a $2,000 scholarship to further their education. All applications are due Monday, March 23 by 4:30pm to the Foundation office- 200 N W.S. Young Dr. Killeen. Click the links below to view the applications:

Killeen ISD Auxiliary Personnel Scholarship

Killeen ISD Auxiliary Personnel Family Member Scholarship