Photos for "Board Honors May 2016"

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    Duke University Talent Identification Program: Audie Murphy Middle School - Aerith Marrufo, Joseph Mungin and Daniel Reina; Eastern Hills Middle School - Wyatt Scrivner; Liberty Hill Middle School - Michael Gonzales, Declan Keeke, Allysen Turner and Sebastian Nau; Manor Middle School - Brianna Clipper; Palo Alto Middle School - Gian Mikel Pulido; Rancier Middle School - Justin Ellis and Luis Martinez; Union Grove Middle School - Meadowe Cislo, Daniel Daub, Anastasia Herberger, Abenet Hinton, Makenna Melvin, Cassidy Melvin, Cooper Mueller, Caleb Ross, Derick Tran and Jeffrey Tran; Smith Middle School - Kali McClain and Cara Newman; Charles Patterson Middle School - Mara Kay Gutierrez, Annalyse Scotting and Nicholas Trevino

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    HEB Excellence in Education Crystal Smith of Duncan Elementary School

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    S2S at the MCEC National Training Seminar attendees from Shoemaker High School: Lee Roy Camacho, Hunter Bonnell and Jennyfer Arriaza

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    MCEC Texas Military Youth of the Year for 2016: Lorenzo Branch of Shoemaker High School

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    State Champion Powerlifting Alec Webster of Shoemaker High School

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