Health Services

  • Killeen ISD follows guidance from the CDC and coordinates with the Texas Department of Health to provide the safest environment for our students' health. We have a plan of action for infection control measures and monitoring any contagious illnesses affecting our area. The district will be informed of any information affecting public health provided by these entities. Health Services supports the good health of children and adolescents by working with parents, teachers, health professionals, and school administrators to strengthen successful health programs at school.

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    Health Services Float Team

    • Timeka Caldwell, RN
    • Mey Ball, Aide
    • Niesha Thompson, LVN
    • Cassie Taylor-Rios, LVN
    • Stefanie Santiago, LVN
    • Kelsey Pope, LVN
    • Latoyia Hudson, LVN

      Classroom Care

      • Classroom Care

        • “Ouchie” Bags are provided to all educators by the campus Clinic for minor scrapes and scratches:
          • Band-aids
          • Antiseptic Wipes
          • Tooth holders
        • Other Classroom Care
          • Minor toothaches - water rinse
          • A lost tooth without persistent bleeding - water rinse
          • Offer bathroom, and water, and resting their head on the desk the first complaint of:
            • Headache
            • Stomachache
            • “Not feeling well”
            • The student will be sent to the clinic if:
              • No improvement in 45-60 minutes
              • Sudden worsening of symptoms
              • Appears febrile
        • Old injuries - Sympathy and a new band-aid if desired
        • Bloody nose - if self resolved student will clean up in the nearest bathroom
        • Mental Health Concerns - sympathy, reassurance, and consult counselor if no improvement.
          • Anxiety
          • Crying
          • Panic Attack
          • Students will be sent to the clinic for medication if indicated by a provider’s orders

      Clinic Care

      • Campus Clinic Care

        • Suspected illness
        • Active bleeding
          • Cuts, Scrapes, Abrasions, puncture wounds
          • Persistent nosebleed
        • Any injury involving another person
        • All head injuries - escort required
        • Scheduled and “As needed” (PRN) medications
        • Documented Chronic Illness needs such as:
          • Seizure
          • Diabetes
          • Asthma
          • Allergies
        • The student is inconsolable due to possible illness or injury

      Clinic Procedure

      • Clinic Procedure for Visit Notifications

        • All exclusion related illness or injury
        • All Head Injury Incidents
        • All injuries involving another person
        • Large/Deep cuts, scrapes, wounds
        • All sports, PE, and athletic injuries
        • All possible bone fracture
        • All possible sprains
        • All other clinic visit notifications are at the discretion of the campus nurse.
          • Requests for additional notification are arrangements made between the legal guardian, campus nurse, and administration.


      • Exclusions

        In the event that your student is excluded due to illness or injury:

        • The school clinic will notify the guardian that the student must be excluded for medical reasons for 24 hours or as indicated by the Texas DSHS School Communicable Disease Chart
        • The parent or guardian is responsible for transporting the student from school to his/her home immediately.
          • If the student cannot be picked up within 60 minutes of the exclusion notice, we request prompt communication from parents. The campus administration and the parent liaison will be notified to assist parents with arrangements when needed.

        Exclusion Criteria 

        • Health Services' Guidelines for Exclusion from School - PDF
        • Temperature >100.0F degrees
        • New, undiagnosed rash or skin condition
        • Vomiting 3 times within 24 hours
          • Not related to a diagnosed condition, exercise, or anxiety
        • Diarrhea 3 or more loose stools within 24 hours
          • Not related to a diagnosed condition
        • Live Lice (Nymph or Adult)
        • Draining wounds unable to be covered by a bandage
        • Head Injuries
          • Severe head injuries, 911 will be called.
          • Head injuries with acute symptoms lasting beyond the 30-minute observation will require exclusion and a timely student pick-up and recommendation for medical attention. The student may return the following day.
          • Any student with head injury symptoms will be recommended to remain out of "Play" activities for 48 hours unless released by a medical provider.
            Medical Attention Declination Form-English
            Medical Attention Declination Form-Spanish
        • As considered necessary by campus clinic staff professional assessment
          • Examples:
            • Excessive fatigue/sleepiness
            • Alteration in behavior for the known norm

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