HEB Awards Buddy

Second-grader receives "HEB Buddy Award"
By: Todd Martin

When it comes to welcoming new students to class and making everyone feel special, one second-grader at Clifton Park Elementary School stands out as a great friend.
She’s not looking for attention, in fact prefers to avoid it, but on Wednesday during an award ceremony at the school, a familiar grocery store mascot presented Galilea Torres-Vaca the HEB Buddy Award.
The award, tied to the store’s “Be a Buddy, Not a Bully” program, awards kindness and respect.
Torres-Vaca, a second-grader, is a regional winner. The school’s second-grade teachers collaborated to determine she deserved the honor.
She received a certificate, medal and backpack of prizes from representatives of the Trimmier Avenue HEB store.
“All of us have built relationships with Galilea,” said her teacher Rebecca Widmer, referring to the school’s four second-grade teachers. “She shows such love and affection that we chose her to represent the second grade.”
Over the course of the school year as students come and go with their families, the teacher said it is especially important to have children who naturally welcome others with kindness.
Widmer said she chose Galilea and another student in her class to act as welcoming ambassadors. “They welcome new students and make sure to be their friends at recess,” she said.
“Everyone adores her and wants to be her friend.”