HH Knight Club Shows Set

HHHS choir students rehearsing for popular show
By: Todd Martin
The Harker Heights High School Knight Club is a go this year and the show might just go further than ever before.
The popular music variety show, now entering its 21st year features all the highlights its numerous fans have come to expect with a few adjustments.
Choir Director Spencer Wiley exudes optimism as he, associate choir director Amber Moon and the group’s many partners lean into an unusual and exciting edition of the rocking, rolling tradition.
Tickets are available for the usual pair of shows, set for 7 p.m. Friday, Feb. 5 and Saturday, Feb. 6 at the HHHS auditorium at the following: http://www.hhhschoirs.com/
Ticket buyers choose their seats with half the auditorium capacity available. Prices vary from $10 to $30. Proceeds support choir member scholarships.
For the first time, the Knight Club will also be available through a pay-per-view livestream. An audio-visual company will provide the professional viewing service.
While virus mitigation drove the livestream addition, Wiley hopes it will become part of the Knight Club tradition, boosting viewership beyond the physical auditorium.
The choir’s marketing efforts are also shifting more to social media platforms with the student performers doing a lot of their own promoting instead of printing and posting paper notices.
Another change, designed to protect performers and crew, is use of disposable microphone covers and a student team trained to sanitize microphones throughout the 30-act shows.
Even the singers will perform in face coverings with the exception of some of the lead singers when they are positioned away from others on stage.
With all the adjustments, from the audience standpoint, Wiley said the show will look and sound as awesome as ever.
“We want to focus on students creating memories,” the director said. “We do have contingencies in place and we will do it safely. I think we are ready to go.”
As always, music production instructor Peter Emerson is writing the show and professional band members will be providing the music, along with the first-rate light show and smoke features.
The program includes a variety of styles and eras including songs from Neil Diamond, Bobby Brown and Diana Ross to Journey, Paula Abdul, Adele and numerous others.
“I’m amazed at the talent level and the great support we get from the community,” said Wiley. “That is what has made Knight Club what it is. We are fortunate to have a community rally around us.”
Harker Heights High School choir students choose their own acts, audition for the Knight Club and work to recruit backup singers and schedule rehearsals.
This year, choir directors have opened the choir room and other open spaces around the auditorium for “open gym” hours before and after school and on Saturdays so students have safe areas to practice and to get spot check assistance.
Senior Gracie Nunn, entering her fourth year of Knight Club said the uncertainties of this school year have brought stress, but choir members are adapting and are excited to perform.
“This is the most exciting part of the year for us,” she said. “This is when we get together, when everything is happening. It’s so much fun. I will definitely miss it when I’m gone.”
The Knight Club, she said, gives students a chance to perform the songs they love and to get into character alongside their friends. “It’s fun to be the center of attention and to show off our talent. It is always a great show.”