General Education - Homebound Services

Some students may experience serious illnesses that prevent them from attending classes on a school campus. These illnesses may be:

- of relatively short duration (at least 4 weeks in length);
- persistent (continuing for the foreseeable future);
- periodic (periods of illness, totaling at least 4 weeks in the school year, requiring confinement at home/in the hospital, interspersed with periods of time when the student can attend classes on campus).

In all cases, information from the student’s physician must indicate that the student must be confined to the home or hospital as a result of his/her condition. A physician or a parent should notify the Section 504 coordinator on campus that homebound services are being requested. If the student does appear to have a condition that requires confinement at home or in the hospital, the campus 504 coordinator will work with the parent to obtain the appropriate documentation.