Honoring Enlisting Seniors

HHHS Honors Students Enlisting
By: Todd Martin
During its annual academic recognition ceremony Friday, Harker Heights High School and the U.S. Army honored seven seniors soon to graduate and enlist in the military.
Army Staff Sgt. Mikhail Gray, a recruiter assigned to Harker Height High School, joined representatives of U.S. Rep. John Carter and the Secretary of the Army in recognizing the students.
Later, Gray said the 17- and 18-year-olds soon to finish high school show unusual courage and a desire to serve their country that only 1 percent of the nation’s population commit to carry out.
“They decided they wanted to do something worthwhile, something bigger than themselves,” she said. “Many of them are dependents and many have multiple generations who have served.”
In addition to those enlisting in the U.S. Army, the school recognized students enlisting in the Army Reserve and the U.S. National Guard.
Senior Cody Baker said he’s ready to graduate from high school and to begin his service. He will be a fourth-generation military member.
“I’ve wanted to do this since I was a freshman,” he said. “I’ll be fourth generation, so this is a proud tradition for my family. I’m just getting more and more excited.”
He said he was also excited to be among the first at his school to receive the newly formed recognition for enlisting. Similar ceremonies are planned at the other KISD high schools.
“A lot of people at this age are fearful, but these want to serve,” Gray said. “They have raised their hands to serve their country.”
In addition to showing courage, she said the students scored well on aptitude tests and pointed out that they may very well enter medical, technology and intelligence fields. “They are high quality.”
She praised school and military leaders for including the new recognition in the academic ceremony. “I’m excited,” Gray said. “There are many recognitions for sports and other fields. It’s great to provide the recognition these students deserve.”