KHS Club Allegro set Friday

51st KHS Club Allegro features 80s music
By: Todd Martin
If 1980s music is your jam, then this is going to be a “Thriller.”
The 51st annual Killeen High School Club Allegro show this week is a celebration of 1980s music with 26 acts featuring a cast of 70 choir students with live band, light show and original costumes and choreography.
One big show is set for Friday, Jan. 17 at 7 p.m. in the KHS Auditorium. Tickets are $12 at the door. The evening includes concessions, a silent auction and water bottle sales. All proceeds support choir student scholarships. A preview show for KHS staff and students and visiting middle school choir members is set Thursday.
Senior Kiara Freeman is making the most of her fourth and final appearance in the choir’s popular annual showcase. She is singing backup in as many acts as her director will allow.
“I’m going to miss Club Allegro when this is over,” she said during rehearsal Tuesday. “This is a show that makes everyone welcome and it shows the beautiful talent that KHS has to offer.”
The choir’s Vocal Spectrum show group will perform an opener and a closer. A group of Kangarettes dance team members will also make an appearance.
“It’s always a unique experience. The band is amazing. This is an opportunity for us to do something new with lots of upbeat pop,” Freeman said. “We put our whole heart into it.”
Club Allegro begins with a mega-audition that attracts more than 100 acts, which judges whittle to a couple of dozen. Students recruit their backup singers, put together their costumes and meet outside of school to practice.
Two senior choir members will guide the audience through the musical review of the 1980s from “Love Shack” to “Beat It” to “Purple Rain, “Dancing Queen,” “Crazy Train” and much more.
Entering her third show, KHS junior Natalie Morales said choir students learn the theme near the start of the school year and many of them start searching for the right music and working on their act.
“At first, it’s nerve racking,” she said of the live experience with light show and professional band in front of a large, cheering audience. “Then, as you feel the music you get into it. It’s definitely the highlight of the year.”
“I like seeing all the talent we have across the (choir) class periods,” said junior Sera Kerr in her second year of Club Allegro.
“It’s pretty scary. You can see the audience in the first few rows staring up at you. It’s also a lot of fun. We’re doing what we do. This is our stage. Club Allegro is the best of the best of the choir.”
Choir Director Justine Halamicek praised her students’ commitment to long rehearsals and getting the acts right. She said theater, band and Kangarettes dance team programs all provided support for what she calls the oldest choir show in town.