KISD Career Center

Learning for Life
The Career Center is a fully-provisioned, state-of-the-art facility where students from all four KISD high schools may select courses that are consistent with their career choices. Prior to entering the Career Center, each high school will offer the respective prerequisite courses aligned with the student's career interests. The Career Center consists of business partnerships, student internships, certifications, licensures, college credit and hands-on educational experiences. The Career Center boasts none Career Clusters. These programs were developed and designed in collaboration with local businesses and higher education institutions. They are as follows:
Career Clusters
  • Health Science
  • Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
  • Information Technology
  • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
  • Architecture & Construction
  • Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  • Manufacturing
  • Human Services
  • Education and Training
A group of students pose for a picture outside of the KISD Career Center building

In addition to these Career Clusters, students attending the Career Center will also enroll in the WorkKeys Employability Skills Program. This is a nationally recognized program that prepares students with the necessary skills to excel in the workplace.

The Career Center offers flexible full day and half day, student course schedules. High school counselors will work directly with students to customize schedules according to graduation requirements and career interests. The Career Center features the most current curriculum and industry practices to its students, and offers a full complement of of expertise, both in and outside the school system. through these collective partnerships, the Career Center provides relevant experiences to better prepare students entering college and the workforce.

The Career Center is a great way to prepare the student of today for highly technological and competitive workplace of tomorrow.

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