KISD Career Center Cosmetology Program

Cosmetology students practice on their hair coloring skills
By: Samantha Solliday
A program with lots of style and a stellar reputation has recently seen the largest the junior class in its history, and the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Student Grace Skinner talks with Mrs. Duran about ow she wants her hair cut.
The cosmetology program at the KISD Career Center has been educating and guiding future stylists and business owners for years, and this year 86 juniors will be working toward taking their certification test during their senior year.
Cosmetology teacher Shanna Wood-Casey explained why the program has been so successful all these years.
“The market for being a stylist is so big,” she said. “I call it recession proof because everyone is always going to need a haircut.
“And not only do they learn about hair, but their skill set is diversified. They learn about hair, nails, makeup and skin, so they can do a variety of things by the time they pass the test and get their license.”
The only prerequisite class that is required before entering the program is Cosmetology I. After completing that, students can enter the two-year program.
Students can either be a morning or afternoon student, spending three hours a day in the salon, working towards their 1,000 hours that they have to acquire before registering for their written and hands-on test.
Students practice their blow drying skills.Students get hours through afterschool seminars, where local business owners come in and teach about a certain skill. They also get to test out their skills on real clients that come to the school’s salon during school hours.
Senior cosmetology student Grace Skinner recently had a walk-in ask for a haircut, Executive Director of Career and Technical Education programs Nancy Duran.
“My favorite part of the program has been getting to work with actual clients,” she said while trimming Duran’s hair.
“I love the challenge because everybody wants something different, and working with a real person is so different from the mannequin.”
Skinner has been cutting her mom’s hair for years, so getting into cosmetology was an obvious choice, but she also wants to continue on to college and learn more about the business side of the industry. 
“I want to be able to work and cut hair while I am at school,” she said. “I have already spoken to a local salon in Belton, where I can do a professional internship with them.” 

At the end of the year, the seniors sign up for the exam and prepare to take the timed 110 technical exam. From there, on a separate day, they complete a hands-on task.
“The confidence that I see them gain from beginning to end is amazing,” said Woods-Casey. “They are so ready to get out there and try things. This is a $20,000 program that they are getting for free and can graduate ready to go out there and work.”
Skinner curled and styled Duran’s hair and was excited about her future opportunities because of the program.  “I can’t wait to start school and learn about business,” she said. “ I really want to run my own salon one day.” 

Student Grace Skinner starts cutting Duran's hair.Nancy Duran shows off her new hair style in her office.



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