KISDTV Rebroadcast Schedule
Board Meetings - Tuesdays @ 6pm, Fridays @ 9am, Sunday @ 2pm

    -Middle School Championship Games
         7th Grade: Mondays, Thursday, Fridays @ Noon, Saturdays @ Noon
         8th Grade: Mondays, Thursday, Fridays @1:30pm, Saturdays @ 1:30pm

         7th Grade: Mondays, Thursday, Fridays @6:30pm
         8th Grade: Mondays, Thursday, Fridays @8:00pm


KISD-TV features a variety of programming including a community bulletin board, home football games, girls volleyball, high school graduations, yearly staff convocation, band and choir concerts, and other special locally produced programs. Channel 17 is operated by two full-time staff member and assisted by 20-30 students known as the "KISD Crew."

KISD-TV is seen on local Time Warner & Spectrum Cable Box Channel 17.

You may view videos that were produced by the KISD-TV staff by selecting the Video Vault. Videos include KISD special events, fine arts performances, and sporting events.

If you would like to apply for a KISD-TV Crew Position, click here to download an application.

For more information about KISD-TV please call (254) 336-3820 or