Knight Club 20th anniversary

HHHS Knight Club set Feb. 7-8
By: Todd Martin
Harker Heights High School’s annual showcase of musical performance – the Knight Club – is set for a 20th anniversary spectacular this weekend.
The student variety show that includes practically every musical genre begins at 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday. Tickets, ranging from $10 to $30 are selling fast and available online.
Choir Director Spencer Wiley is new to the Knight Club, but is clear on the show’s popularity in the community and high-level of student talent.
“It’s such a great opportunity to work with talented students every day,” said Wiley, in his first year at Harker Heights following Tommy Haygood’s retirement last spring.
“It is astonishing to me the vocal and performance talent,” he said, pointing out the rare opportunity for high school choir students to perform with a live, professional band with support from professional sound and lighting engineers.
The annual music variety show includes rock, pop, country and rhythm and blues with selections ranging from the 1950s to the 2000s.
Auditions took place before the holiday break and student performers have worked consistently on their lead and background vocals, ensemble performances, choreography and costumes.
“It’s crazy,” said senior Paige Frierson. “The week is hectic, but it’s a good hectic. It’s really special to perform with all these professional musicians and students. It’s one beautiful mess.”
Senior Jasmine Cole, entering her third Knight Club said the show allows students to perform in far different setting than the typical choral performances. “It’s an opportunity to express our creative side with all the dancing and movement.”
Her lead acts include songs from the Spice Girls and one of her musical, performing idols, Paula Abdul.
“It gives you a feeling of having your own concert,” said Cole, “you get to be a pop star with a live band.”
“It’s nerve racking at first, but the preparation kicks in and the nerves go away,” said Frierson, also performing in multiple acts. “The audience feeds off our energy and we feed off theirs. It’s fun.”
Senior Kaitlyn Low worked backstage in last year’s show. She grew up attending the Knight Club shows through middle school. This year, for the first time, she will perform on stage.
“It’s awesome. I’ll be up there with my closest friends,” she said. “It’s a chance for getting out of my shell.”
“They have worked for months so it’s exciting to be at this point,” said Wiley. “For some, it’s their first time and they are anxious. For seniors, there is emotion because it’s their last time and a lot of their skill has come from Knight Club.”
“It is kind of sad,” said Cole, reflecting on her senior year. “We have to go big and outdo the rest from past years.”