Miss Texas Urges Kindness

Miss Texas Madison Fuller at Cavazos ES
By: Todd Martin
The reigning Miss Texas urged Cavazos Elementary School students Thursday to take care of themselves mind, body, heart and spirit and to extend kindness to others.
Madison Fuller, 24, a native of Fairfield, won the Miss Texas title in the summer after teaching kindergarten for a year in Tyler and won a prize in the talent portion of the Miss America competition. She is a ventriloquist.
With her crown in place, the engaging educator conducted two assemblies at the Killeen ISD school in Nolanville asking questions and laying out a message to “be your best self” and not to try to be someone else.
Throughout her presentations, she brought out puppets and demonstrated her ability to change her voice and speak through a wide smile without moving her lips.
It wasn’t physical appearance, talent or intelligence that won the title, she said, but a willingness to do her best and be her best. Currently a Dallas resident, Fuller is in the midst of a yearlong commitment to make more than 300 appearances around the state.
Between sessions at Cavazos, she said she remembered watching the Miss Texas contest on television as a child, seeing a ventriloquist and telling her mother that’s what she wanted to do.
It took her five years to win the title she dreamed about. Along the way she graduated from Texas A&M University and worked in corporate communications, but decided she wanted to teach young children.
“I was sitting in a cubicle and really wanted to teach,” she said. “I studied communications, but I felt called to teach.”
Teaching kindergarten last year was a learning experience. “They taught me more than I taught them, I think,” she said. She is working on a graduate degree in school counseling.
First, though, there’s the business of Miss Texas.
She urged students to use their mind and to ask for help when needed, to stay physically healthy through sleep, nutrition and exercise, to take care of the heart through kind words and actions and to use your spirit to make good choices and believe in yourself.
“I want to encourage kids to love others and to love themselves,” she said, explaining her desire to serve as Miss Texas. “I want them to know they can get support at school.”
Years of honing her talent and competing in contests, a year of teaching and her current travel schedule are teaching Fuller to adapt and to adjust. “It took me five years to win Miss Texas,” she said. “I’ve learned a lot about perseverance and learning from every opportunity.”