Mock Interviews

Interviewers give feedback during the mock interviews at Audie Murphy Middle School
By: Samantha Solliday
A pretend interview had some real-life applications for the eighth-grade students at Audie Murphy Middle School.
the job applicant stands up and shakes the interviewer's hands after finishing her interview Once a semester, Communities in Schools hosts mock interviews for all eighth-graders to help them prepare for what a real interview would look like.
Students do their research on a specific job they are looking for and then prepare their resume and cover letter for that position.
Interviews are 15 minutes long and interviewers, who are C.I.S. volunteers, offer feedback during and after the interview.
“They have been so knowledgeable you can tell that they have done their research about the job,” stated Britany Watson, a CIS volunteer and interviewer.
“You can tell that they are nervous, but I just tell them I am nervous too, which is true, and that seems to make them feel better.”
Dressed in their best attire, students are asked various questions about their personalities, strengths, salary requirements and why they’d be a good candidate for the job.
Eighth-grader Samantha Ristine “applied” for a position as a hostess at Chili’s and thought she made good eye contact with her interviewer.The Audie Murphy Middle School student introduces herself to the interviewer.
“Sometimes I would fidget, but I would end up correcting myself,” she said. “For me, the most difficult part of the interview was having to describe myself, because people can see you differently than you see yourself.”
After the interviews are completed students go back to their classrooms and the following day write a thank you letter to their interviewer.
“They get to learn about and go through the entire process of applying for a job,” said CIS teacher Amorin Nunez.
“From researching the company, to writing the resume, cover letter, actually interviewing for the job, to finally submitting the thank you letter, they get to complete every step.”
Ristine was thankful for the opportunity and had a few pointers for her peers.
The interviewer takes notes during the student's interview. “Stay calm, take deep breaths,” she stated. “Make good eye contact, and remember, act like it is just like having a regular conversation with someone you already know, and you will do great.”