Virtual At-Home Learning

KISD Virtual Learning Plan Information
Last Modified On Tues 08/31/2020 At 11:17 PM

Excerpt from the 07/28/2020 Board Meeting. 

Students will remain at home and will engage in learning activities that are delivered through an online learning management system. Live, teacher-led instruction and peer collaboration may be scheduled throughout the day to expand students’ opportunities to engage with content and interact with teachers and classmates. Daily student participation in the learning activities will be required and instructional time will be dedicated for independent learning activities. The district is working to provide a student schedules, which may include required times for participation in live instruction.  Secondary students are encouraged to follow their traditional course schedule while learning virtually. Classroom instruction is designed for mastery of student learning outcomes based on the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for each content area.   


What to expect from KISD Virtual Learning?  

  • Available for students in Prekindergarten through Grade 12 
  • Internet connection required 
  • Students will use their device or contact the campus if one is needed 
  • Instruction is provided virtually, and students will have access to their teachers during the teacher's posted office hours
  • Attendance will be taken daily in each course 
  • Student participation required five (5) full days per week 
  • Students may have the opportunity to zoom conference call into their classes for live instruction 
  • Students may utilize and view recorded teacher-led instruction videos
  • Daily lessons posted in the students' LMS via Seesaw (Pre-K-2) or Schoology (3-12) 
  • Instruction provided by Killeen ISD teachers in core content and elective courses 
  • District curriculum, unit sequencing, and pacing of instruction utilized 
  • On-campus specialized courses and activities provided if required 
  • Access to virtual extracurricular activities and events, if made available


Additional Supports for Students and Families 

  • Virtual small group sessions to meet social and academic needs 
  • Access to trouble-shooting and tech support 
  • Tips and strategies to support students learning off campus 
  • Support from teachers to meet student needs during regular school hours 
  • Social-emotional support provided 
  • Accommodations and support services provided 
  • While many courses will be available through virtually, some courses will only be offered through the In-Person model. 

The following questions and answers below should provide more detail about the Virtual Learning experience.

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