School Nutrition FAQs

1. How do I make a deposit into my student's account, and if I pay by check what information is required? You may make a deposit by creating an account on
  • If you would like to pay by check, the name address must be pre-printed on the check. Please write the name of the student and their student ID on the memo section of the check.
2. What happens to the money left in my student's account at the end of the school year?
  • If your student has money on their account at the end of the year it will be available for them to use the next school year on the first day of school.
3. How do I obtain a refund of the money left in my student's account?
  • If your student will be graduating or moving out of the district and you need a refund of the money in their account, you may request a refund on SchoolCafe, or you may send an email to In the email include the name of the student, date of birth of the student, which school was attended, name of parent/guardian whom the check should be made out to, a good mailing address, and phone number. Refunds by check normally take between 14-16 weeks to receive.
4. What is the policy for a student who does not have enough money on their account to purchase a meal?
  • Effective August 27, 2017, all students (reduced and full price from all grades) will be able to charge two meals. This would enable a student with no money to be provided two meals without payment. If the student does not have money for the following meal or day, after charging two consecutive meals, then the current policy of the child receiving a grace period of 5 days before an alternate meal, such as a peanut butter sandwich or receiving a regular meal paid for by the activity fund or PTA/PTO would go into effect according to the campus policy. The parents are expected to repay the cafeteria back.
    • For example, a child who does not have money on Monday may charge both breakfast and lunch. If on the following day the child brings in the money to cover the meal charged the previous day, the child will again be able to charge another meal. This process may be repeated as many times as needed as long as there has not been a need to charge more than two meals. If that is the case, the child would then receive an alternate meal. Please call the School Nutrition Office at 336-0775 if you have any questions about this policy.
5. How can I put a limit on my student's purchases?
  • To put a limit on your students’ account please send a note to the Cafeteria Manager or it can be done on SchoolCafe.
6. Who administers/regulates the School Nutrition Department?
  • The Killeen ISD School Nutrition Department is administered by Mr. Evan Leach, Director of School Nutrition.
7. What do I do if my student has allergies to certain foods?
  • The parent/guardian must provide a doctor note with the following: What the student is allergic to, what is the item be substituted for, a doctor’s physician assistant, nurse practitioner's signature.
8. My child is diabetic, and I have to watch his/her carbohydrate count, how can I do that with the meals offered at school?
  • Go to, Select Menu, Select View Nutritional Information.
9. What portion of the taxpayer's money is used to operate the School Nutrition Department?
  • The School Nutrition Department is a self-sustaining operation. No Killeen ISD general funds are used in the operation of the School Nutrition Department. The money received by the students and the federal government under the National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Program, and the Community Eligibility Provision are what determines our revenue.
10. If my child chooses to go back for an additional meal, what is the amount charged?
  • The current price of a second meal is $3.75.