Electronic Devices at EHS:
Student Use During the School Day
2013-2014 School Year

New Campus Procedures:

Students will follow KISD guidelines pertaining to the possession and use of electronic devices during the school day, with the following extensions for EHS:

*Students may use silent functions on cell/smart phones and other electronic devices on campus before and after school, during lunches, and during passing periods.

*Students are not free to make personal use of electronic devices during class time.

*Students must keep ears free and alert at all times during the school day, in order to hear instructions given by staff, or to be aware of any emergency.

-Students may not make phone calls on personal devices during the school day, except outside during lunch/before/after school, as provided by district policy.

-A student who needs to call a parent during the school day must report to an administrative office and seek permission to make a phone call. (A teacher may also give a student permission to call a parent for a reason the teacher deems legitimate, provided the teacher remains with the student while the call is being made, to avoid an appearance of breaking policy.)

-Students may not have earbuds or headphones in view or in use during the school day, except outside during lunch/before/after school, or at the
direction of a teacher in class for an instructional purpose.

*Teachers will determine when, if at any time, students may use electronic devices during class (in accordance with KISD BYOD policy) for instructional purposes.

*Students will comply with teachers’ directions pertaining to the use of electronic devices in the classroom for instructional purposes.

*Teachers will address any student violations of policy or directions pertaining to electronic devices on campus, and may refer students for administrative attention for these violations as necessary, but will not seek to confiscate electronic devices from students. Administrators may confiscate electronic devices from students as they deem necessary.