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(Army Youth Programs in Your Neighborhood)

-Sign-in sheets must be filled out for ANY activity that occurs after school and on school grounds (Monday-Friday 4:05 or later) and turned in daily to the Student Activities Office.
(Only exception is in-season athletics and cheerleading…this does not count towards our numbers).

-All students sign the sheet (not just Army Active Duty dependents)

-Starting date Feb. 1, 2011 (grant goes through 2015 so are in this for the long haul!)

-Fill out the sign-in sheet including date (must have a new sheet for each day), activity (ex: DECA meeting, tutoring, prom planning, off-season volleyball), and all sponsors there.

-Sign-in sheet must have original signatures (so if you make copies for your records please turn in the original)

-For groups who have continuous meetings/activity, you are able to submit to me a “wish list” up to $250 of items you would like for your meetings/activity.  I will submit that list to Jennifer Washington’s office, and they will do their best to get these supplies for you!  J

-ALL MONEY goes back to the high schools for this grant (although how it is spent is not yet totally decided).








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