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Link to Ellison High School, Killeen, Texas website.
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Mission Statement

The mission of Ellison High School is to launch young people into successful adult
lives of learning, service, and meaningful work.

Bell Schedule

A Lunch

0 Hour 7:45-8:35
1st Period 8:45-9:37
2nd Period 9:43-10:35
3rd Period 10:41-11:33
A Lunch 11:33-12:18
(4th period upstairs)
4th Period 12:24-1:16
5th Period 1:22-2:19
6th Period 2:25-3:17
7th Period 3:23-4:15

B Lunch

0 Hour 7:45-8:35
1st Period 8:45-9:37
2nd Period 9:43-10:35
3rd Period 10:41-11:33
4th Period 11:39-12:31
B Lunch 12:31-1:16
(4th Period downstairs)
5th Period 1:22-2:19
6th Period 2:25-3:17
7th Period 3:23-4:15



Student Entrance Commons Area
Prior to 8:10am

 Only Authorized Personnel
Students with passes to go to
Tutorials, Meetings, or Detention

Exception: Inclement Weather (40 and below or raining): Commons area will open at 7:40am for all students.

Library Opens at 7:45am - Use back door.
Cafeteria Opens at 8:00am - Use back door.
Students go to class at 8:30am.

Early Release Students

If you are privileged to have an early release schedule, then you must leave the building at the end of your schedule.  If it is inclement weather (cold, rain, sleet, or hail), you cannot remain on school premises. You are responsible arrangements for transportation. No Loitering.

If you do not have a 1st period class, then you cannot arrive on campus before 9:35am. No Loitering will be allowed.
Violation may result in loss of privilege and/or other disciplinary action.

Phone Numbers

Main Number:

Registrar's Office

Guidance Counselors:

Student Activities:

Athletic Coordinator:

School Nurse:

Attendance Office:

For all other areas not listed
call the main phone number.

New Students

Information regarding registration enrollment and procedures can be found on our EHS Registrar's page.

Clinic Information

Information for incoming students and parents. Forms for both parents and physicians. And information what the clinic offers daily for students.

Graduation Requirements

Graduation requirements listing from Killeen ISD.

Student Handbook

Click here to view and print the entire student handbook.

Texas Education Agency Report Card

The Ellison High School 2011 Campus Accountability Data is now available from the Texas Education Agency website. Click here for the Ellison HS report.

Parking Permits

Click here to get to latest information regarding student parking permits.

Lunch Menu

Each month's breakfast and lunch menu listing can be found on the KISD school's website. Other services are also listed.

U.I.L. Information

The University Interscholastic League calendar and important dates are just a click away.

Graduation Dates and Videos

This years graduation date and times for all KISD high schools and previous year videos are available online.

Other Links

Book Distribution

Bookroom hours are A/B Lunch Mon, Wed, & Fri.

Online Library

All KISD libraries are now online at:


Didn't buy a yearbook? Still missing one from your collection? We've got your answer. Here

Cold and Flu Season

To prevent flu and colds the Bell County Public Health District & Killeen ISD Health Services have provided an information sheet on prevention, symptoms, and treatment. (PDF).

Education Foundation Logo

Ellison High School staff members received three grants from the Killeen ISD Educational Foundation this spring. Click here to see the staff members who were awarded the grants, and the effect they will have on the students at EHS.

Location Map

Ellison High School is located at the corner of Elms Rd. and Trimmier Rd. in Killeen, Texas. For detailed directions use the Google map provided or call the main office number at (254) 336-0600.

View Larger Map

EHS School Map

The printable version of the school map is available by selecting on the map images below.

EHS First floor EHS Second floor

Alma Mater

As we stand for our own eagles,
we express our loyalty;
We will strive for truth and courage,
and our hearts are soaring free;
May we win in all endeavors;
Fight we must for white and green;
With our eagles we are shining;
our strong spirit ever seen!

Fight Song

Eagles, eagles, we’re all for you
win is the rule in all we do.
The green and white will forever be
eagles all are we.
Eagles fight for the green and white
day and night with all our might.
Victory, oh victory, within our sight
E.H.S. let’s fight
go green, go white
go team, fight, fight, fight
eagles E.H.S.