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Book Fair


March 2 - 6


Monday - Thursday 8:00-3:30

Friday 8:00 - 1:00

You are invited for coffee on

March 24, 2015

5:30-6:30 PM

Palo Alto Middle School



For more information:

Connie Crittenden

Military Student Transition Consultant



September 1 – Labor Day

November 11 – Veterans Day

November 26, 27, 28 – Thanksgiving

December 22 – January 2 – Christmas Break

January 19 – Martin Luther King Jr.

February 16 – Presidents’ Day

March 16-20 – Spring Break

April 3 – Bad Weather Make-Up Day

May 25 – Memorial Day / Bad Weather Make-Up Day


Early Outs

September 25

October 24

October 28

November 20

December 19

January 15

February 12

March 13

April 16

June 4




March 30

7th Grade - STAAR Writing

8th Grade – STAAR Math


March 31

7th Grade – STAAR Writing

8th Grade – STAAR Reading


April 21

6th Grade – STAAR Math

7th Grade – STAAR Math

8th Grade – STAAR Social Studies


April 22

6th Grade – STAAR Reading

7th Grade – STAAR Reading

8th Grade – STAAR Science


May 12

8th Grade – STAAR Math Retest


May 13

8th Grade – STAAR Reading Retest


June 23

8th Grade – STAAR Math Retest


June 24

8th Grade – STAAR Reading Retest


Standard Dress


To assist parents in purchasing school clothes to follow the “Standardized Dress Policy” please refer to the following basic guidelines.


Pants, Shorts, Capris, Skorts, Skirts & Jumpers

Color: Navy Blue, Black, Khaki

Must be the appropriate size for the student and worn at the waist.  No cargo, bell-bottom, stretch fabric or spandex. All must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee.  No designs, stitching, words or phrases are allowed on clothing.  All Pants, Shorts, Capris, Skorts, Skirts & Jumpers cannot have designs, rips, tears, or frays. 


JEANS-ONLY BLUE IN COLOR- ALLOWED ON FRIDAYS ONLY and must follow same guidelines above.


Shirts, Blouses, Turtlenecks, Sweaters, Sweatshirts

Solid colors of Blue (Royal or Navy), White, Red, Any Palo Alto School Shirt

All must be appropriately sized.  Shirts must be tucked in at all times.  Shirts must extend beyond the midriff leaving no skin exposed in the normal activities associated with school. Students are to wear polo-styled collared shirts, turtlenecks, or Oxford-style shirts. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed.  All shirt types must not have piping or striping. All shirt types are to be a single solid color. No logos allowed, unless it is the school logo (band, choir, athletics, etc.). Any Palo Alto school T-shirt may be worn. All visible undershirts must be white.



Solid Colors of Blue (Royal or Navy) Red, or White.

Students may wear a light-weight jacket of fleece, sweater, or sweatshirt fabrics. They must be a single solid color.  They may button or zip. NO logos or stripes will be allowed on any light-weight jacket worn in the classroom or school. Heavy jackets should be placed in the locker immediately upon entering the building.  School Sweatshirts & Jackets are typically sold in October by the campus or spirit organization.



Basic simple designs are best.  No neon shoes allowed.  No bright shiny shoes allowed. If shoes are designed to have laces, laces must match the shoe color or be solid white; no double lace colors. Shoelaces must be tied and Velcro must be fastened if applicable. Tennis shoes, loafers and sandals are acceptable. Platform shoes, house slippers, flip-flops, mesh, and shower shoes are unacceptable.



Colors of Red, White, Blue (Navy or Royal), Black, or Khaki

Socks must match and be solid colors.  Socks cannot have any decorative items or logos.




Solid and Plain in Colors: Navy Blue, Black, or Brown 

All belts must be appropriately sized and worn through the belt loops. Belt end excess must not exceed or hang beyond the first belt loop. Belt buckles worn in a distracting manner will be prohibited.  No novelty belts are allowed. Belts are optional but should be worn to prevent sagging.



Hair bands no wider than 1” can be worn. They must be solid colors: blue (royal or navy), red, black, khaki, white. No bandanas or scrunchies in bandana fabrics can be worn. Solid color scrunchies of red, white, blue (royal or navy), black or khaki are acceptable. No sweatbands allowed.



No necklaces or bracelets allowed. Other modest jewelry (watch, ring, earring not to exceed 1” in length or width) allowed.  No piercings other than earrings are permitted.


School ID Cards

Any student attending a PAMS event or other KISD event must be wearing a visible school ID in order to be admitted.  IDs must be worn on the outside of clothing to be visible at all times.  IDs must be worn on appropriate colored lanyard as distributed at start of school year.


Standardized Dress applies to all school days.  Students must remain in standardized dress while on campus or while representing the campus at school-sponsored events, unless the principal designates otherwise.




Upcoming Events   

Sat, Feb 28
Track Tri-Meet Boys and Girls Running Only SHS (9:00AM)
Wed, Mar 4
Track Tri-Meet Boys and Girls at KHS (9:00AM)
Thu, Mar 12
Track Temple Wildcat Stadium (4:30PM)
Fri, Mar 13
Early Outs (All Day)
Mon, Mar 16
Spring Break 16-20 (All Day)
Tue, Mar 24
Coffee Military Student Transition Consultant (5:30PM)
Sat, Mar 28
Track Tri-Meet at SHS (9:00AM)