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Welcome back to Clifton Park Elementary; home of the Cougars and best staff in KISD. I am excited as we begin a new school year with again success for all of our students. This year, Clifton Park will celebrate 50 years of academic excellence. We also welcome students and parents from Fowler Elementary. I hope you read in the Killeen Daily Herald that Clifton Park was one of five Killeen schools to receive five out of six Distinguished Designations due to our performance in Academic Achievement in Reading/ELA, Science, Top 25% Student Progress, Top 25% Closing Performance Gaps, and Postsecondary Readiness.


Acquiring this superior rating has been due to the dedication and hard work of our Clifton Park staff, wonderful hard working students, parents, as well as community and district support.  We are committed to providing your children with a safe, positive, and academically focused school environment that will enable our students to be productive members of our community as they prepare for their future. We will focus on Career and College readiness, and our desire is for all of our students to have a plan for their future which includes higher education or career plans.


My goal as principal is for all students to have a caring, nurturing teacher who sets high expectations for academics and behavior, and who communicates effectively with parents. Here at Clifton Park we want to be positive and proactive in solving problems and be productive each and every day. I will do my part to continue this tradition of excellence by supporting our teachers so they can do their best for your child each and every day. As the instructional leader, I will provide teachers the necessary resources needed to support the development of effective teaching practices and engaging lessons. My door is always open to discuss your child’s academic progress with you when needed.


Together, we can make a difference in the lives of all students here at Clifton Park to ensure their success now and in the future. I look forward to another successful year working with students, parents, and all staff here at Clifton Park Elementary.


Thank you for your help and support as we begin another successful. We look forward to many more years of Academic Excellence.

Happy 50th  Anniversary!




Catherine Snyder


Title I, Part A Distinguished Schools

The Texas Education Agency's Title I, Distinguished Schools prestigious designation recognizes schools that have consistently demonstrated strong academic performances over a three-year period.  All of these Title I, Part A schools achieved the Academically Exemplary rating for the present school year and have a residing population of 40% or more low income students - as reported on NCLB Consolidated Application for Federal Funding.

Distinguished Performance Schools have achieved a minimum of a Recognized status for the two previous years, and Distinguished Progress Schools have increased their status from either Academically Unacceptable or Acceptable two years ago, to Recognized or Exemplary last year and Exemplary this year. 



For more information please go to this link:


Region        District Name       Performance        Progress


Total Number of State Distinguished Schools in Region:      13     


014903 - BELTON ISD



081906 - DEW ISD


014905 - HOLLAND ISD

014906 - KILLEEN ISD

161906 - LA VEGA ISD


161914 - WACO ISD




101 - DEW EL



105 - LA VEGA EL




At Clifton Park Elementary School, we believe that each student is a unique individual with unique personal, social and educational needs.


As a result, every disciplinary situation is unique in nature.  Consequences for misbehavior provide the best learning value when matched to the unique student and the unique situation.  The odds for children learning from their mistakes increase dramatically when children see a reasonable connection between their behavior and the resulting consequences.


The Clifton Park staff dedicates itself to following a set of core beliefs that provide a guide for dealing with student discipline.  These core beliefs guide our attempts to individualize disciplinary procedures and to help students see reasonable connections between their behavior and the resulting consequences.


Since these core beliefs provide the guiding light of our professional decisions, the staff encourages parents to bring concerns and questions to us if you feel that something appears to be inconsistent with these core beliefs.


Clifton Park Elementary School Staff Core Beliefs Are:

1.    Every attempt will be made to maintain the dignity and self-respect of both the student and the teacher.

2.    Students will be guided and expected to solve their problems, or the ones they create, without making problems for anyone else.

3.    Students will be given the opportunity to make decisions and live with the consequences, be they good or bad.

4.    Misbehavior will be handled with natural or logical consequences instead of punishment, whenever possible.

5.    There will be a logical connection between misbehavior and resulting consequences.

6.    Misbehavior will be viewed as an opportunity for individual problem solving and preparation for the real world.


Clifton Park Elementary School Rules:

1.    Treat others with the same respect with which you are treated by the adults in this school.

2.    Your actions, dress, possessions, etc., cannot cause a problem for anyone else.

3.    If your actions, dress or possessions cause a problem for anyone else, you will be asked to solve that problem.

4.    If you cannot solve the problem, or choose not to, staff members will select an appropriate consequence.  This consequence will depend upon the situation.  Staff members will use their best judgment to select a natural or logical consequence.

5.    If students or parents feel that consequences are unfair, they may request a conference with the teacher, student, administrator and counselor.




Clifton Park staff is excited for another fun filled year of learning.  We have a positive school culture where teachers love to teach and students love to learn.  We have chosen to use Love and Logic techniques to reinforce this in our school  (Jim Faye, author of Teaching with Love and Logic and Parenting with Love and Logic)!!


If you are interested in learning Love and Logic techniques you can use at home, Please attend our Love and Logic Classes for parents!!  




Galatea F. Badger, MSEd

Counselor, Clifton Park Elementary School


2200 Trimmier Rd

Killeen, TX 76542

Clifton Park

Principal: Catherine Snyder

Clifton Park Elementary School

Is recognized for being designated as a Region 10Best Practices in Action Rewards School.  

Clifton Park was identified as a High-Performing and a High-Progress Reward school based on the following criteria:

 -Title I school in the top 25% in annual improvement; and/or

Schools in the top 25% of those demonstrating ability to close performance gaps based on system safeguards

-Title I school with distinctions based on reading and math performance


There are 18 schools in Region 12 that are identified as Reward Schools.  Only 5 of those schools are recognized on the Region 10 Title I Capacity Building Initiative webpage.  In addition, only 6 schools in the state have been selected to be videotaped and featured on the webpage.  Clifton Park is one of those campuses that will be videotaped.