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Clubs are open to 3rd-5th grade students with the exception of the Yearbook Club which is only open the 4th and 5th grade students.



Art Club 
Art Club members will study various artists and the techniques used to produce their art forms. Students will create a variety of art using the various techniques learned. Students will select their best works to display during the two showcases.
Book Club
Do you like to read? Do you have fun telling your friends about a book you have read? 
Members of the Book Club will chose from a selection of books to read. We will discuss the book and then complete a project about the book. The project can be a poster, display, cartoon strip, a video presentation or something else that will make other people want to read your book. The projects will be displayed at the end of the semester in the showcase for parents. 
A special feature for Book Club members will be that they will have first choice of new library books when they arrive.
Spanish Club
Students who are part of the Spanish Club will learn basic phrases and simple communicable language skills.
STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)
This is an extracurricular activity for third, fourth and fifth grade students. We will be learning to use technology in new and creative ways. We will work with iOS devices, photography, various software programs, robotics and basic video game creation and programming.
Creative Cursive and Calligraphy Club
Students interested in joining the Creative Cursive & Calligraphy Club will explore unique styles of writing through dynamic lessons that will motivate students to learn cursive/calligraphy and artistic projects that will incorporate and develop literacy skills like spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension. In addition to learning new handwriting skills and expressing creativity, students will participate in learning activities with peers that will develop social skills like teamwork and effective communication.  The club will be enriching to all participants
Glee is mainly a club for performance through singing.  We will a combination of songs of upbeat and ballad type songs.  There is possible solo opportunities for those interested in singing by themselves. Come join us if you love to sing!!
Popping Pumas Dance Club
The objective of the club will be to develop knowledge of some dance elements.  We will develop and demonstrate various skills to include vocabulary, genres/styles, techniques, and vocabulary.  This will give us an opportunity to have fun, stay fit, and entertain others while expressing ourselves through artistic movement.   






Proud Puma Partners
Pershing Park is thankful to have incredible supporters of our promoting positive behavior initiative! Community members, parents, and local businesses have donated items such as bicycles, games, books, and sports equipment for our “Paw”some Pumas!  Pershing Park students can earn a “Paw”some Puma tickets by being “caught” being good by a staff member. The tickets are placed in a container and a monthly drawing will be held for prizes, which include games, books, and sports equipment. Students are eligible to win a bicycle if they remain referral free for an entire nine week period. There will be a random draw for bicycles at the end of each nine weeks. We are thankful to our donors for supporting our Pumas and encouraging positive behavior!

The Little Pumas Club is currently enrolling new members.
The Little Pumas Club is an early literacy program, open for children of ages 3 to 4, not yet enrolled in school. 
Our main purpose is to teach children basic social and academic skills and have them acclimated to a school environment prior their first enrollment. 
This is a premier opportunity to bring your children to school and get them excited about learning while interacting with other kids. 
Join us and give your child a JUMP START at exploring learning! 
A parent must be present at every meeting and participate along with the child.
Contact:  Juliethe Leon, Parent Liaison 
Pershing Park Elementary 



Empower children to reach their highest potential by pursuing a lifelong passion for learning through a collaboration of home, school, and community.


Vision Statement

Through the creation of innovative lessons, we will inspire all students to achieve their personal best. 





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