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Elementary School

2016-2017 Campus Enrollment


August 2nd - August 3rd

Registration opens at 9AM and closes at 2PM



Registration opens at 9:00 AM and closes at 2:00 PM



Please enroll by August 17 in order to meet your child's teacher on August 18 

and be placed in a class on the first day of school, August 22.


You Must bring the Following:

Birth Certificate, Shot Records, Housing Orders, Social Security Card and DEERS Form (For PK-3)


Any questions please call 254.336.1550




Ms. Jessica Brading

Clear Creek Elementary

Reading Interventionist

7 Years of Experience


My favorite thing about teaching is over and over again being a part of that moment when a student who has been struggling with something for a while, finally gets it and his or her face begins to glow like a light bulb with excitement and pride. It is such a great reward to be able to make a difference and be part of the reason a student has learned to be proud of him or herself.

Welcome to the Clear Creek Cavalry! We are so excited about educating the children of our military heroes residing in Kouma and Liberty Villages. The best students come to Clear Creek Elementary while the best parents, guardians, and staff of over 100 professionals provide Clear Creek Elementary students with an exemplary education and exemplary role models of citizenship.


The teachers and staff of Clear Creek Elementary have high expectations for ourselves and for our students. We have an ethical and moral obligation to provide our students with the best instruction that will allow our students to learn, to grow, and to reach out to their future. Our students are successful because they understand success is the only expectation and failure is not an option.


We commit to you that we are here to work with and to teach every student every day. Join us in preparing our students for tomorrow.


Mrs. Ramos, Principal

Out of School Child Supervision Policy - III CORPS & FORT HOOD REG 210-48


Students in PK-1st grade may not walk to or from school unless accompanied by an adult, parent, designated “responsible teenager” who is at least 13 years old; or, 12 years old, in the 6th grade, and has completed the American Red Cross Babysitter Certification Course.


Siblings or friends in grades 2-5 may not walk PK-1st grade students.


Students in second through fifth grade may walk to and from school without direct adult supervision.