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2017 Teacher of the Year

Gladys Martinez
Brookhaven Elementary
4th Grade
4 Years of Experience


My favorite thing about teaching is my students, because every year I get the privilege of impacting young minds!  Teaching allows you to have different personalities all in one room and you get to teach them how to work with one another.  My students have molded me into the teacher I am today!


Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year!  My name is Iris Felder and it is my honor and privilege to serve as the newly appointed principal of Brookhaven Elementary School. 

            Brookhaven has a history of excellence that I am confident we will continue through partnerships between our staff, students, parents and the community.  Therefore, our theme this year is “Connect”.  When we connect and work together, our students can be much more successful.  Thus, my motto is: “It takes a village to educate and raise a child”.

            Brookhaven’s vision is students will receive high quality instruction through engaging activities in a positive classroom environment to instill a lifelong love of learning.  This will be achieved through various modalities to include differentiated instruction specific to individual needs, hands-on activities, real-world experiences, inquiry based projects, and extra-curricular activities—which develop accountability, responsibility, and leadership skills.

            I am looking forward to creating new partnerships to ensure the success of every student at Brookhaven.  Together, we will make it another successful year!