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Spring is upon us and soon we will be experiencing the heat of summer. I would like to thank all the stakeholders, teachers, parents, guardians and community members for supporting the school this year. To continue our teaching and learning at Ira Cross we are ceaselessly working on reading development and comprehension. Reading is the number one thing and next is numbers, concepts and math problem solving. We appreciate all our parent and community help and want to continue to stress the importance of working to improve our reading and math skills. We want to ensure that all our students are speaking, thinking critically and intensely, and reading and writing continuously. It is our goal that the early learners learn to write their names legibly, develop sight word fluency and learn their numbers to 100 and beyond. These tasks are foundational and build across all grade levels. These are skills we need to repeat and practice daily, counting forward, and backwards from 20 and beyond in PREK4 and Kinder. The students in the upper grades at their levels are working to master these skills and practices with number thinking concepts and problem solving.  Work with us to continue practicing and discussing, addition and subtraction facts, multiplication and division number concepts. Ask us for ideas or help if you would like more information regarding learning practices or skill development. This year we celebrate all our readers and the,  “Million Word” AR reading program has grown in its accomplishments. This year we have celebrated three million word readers, and we appreciate all our students reading achievements. Congratulations to the students, parents and the teachers work to improve student reading skills. Reading is the most important skill that builds on everything else we do at school. Thank you for your continued support. Volunteers are welcome see the parent liaison, Ms. Stanton. 

Texas No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) Report Card
A copy of the State of Texas 2012-13 School Report Card for Ira Cross is now available for downloading and is available in the office. The report required by the Texas Legislature and prepared by the Texas Education Agency. It is to be sent to the parent or guardian of every child enrolled in the public schools. The report provides information concerning student performance as well as information concerning expenditures, average class size, and student/teacher ratios.  A hard copy of this report was sent home on Wednesday along with Student Progress Reports on February 5, 2014.

Our Mission

Teach all students to achieve at their maximum potential academically, socially, and emotionally.


Our Vision

Ira Cross Elementary is an exciting and positive place where student strengths and interests support high academic achievement for all students. Working together with students, parents and community we shall ensure all of our students are prepared for any challenge.


Our Motto

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow!


Ira Cross Elementary Administrative Team


Mr. Gamble - Principal


Mrs. Aviles - Assistant Principal

Mr. Pilgram - Assistant Principal


Mr. Turbeville - Campus Instructional Specialist

Mrs. Sumner - Campus Instructional Specialist


Mrs. Flowers - Counselor

Ms. Gardner - Counselor


Ms. Waldren - Campus Support Technologist