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2015-2016 Campus Enrollment


July 29th - July 30th

opens at 9AM and closes at 6PM


AFTER July 30th

opens at 8:00 AM and closes at 4:00 PM



Any questions please call 254-336-2550

Welcome to Ira Cross Jr. Elementary!


I am extremely excited about the changes taking place at the new Ira Cross Jr. Elementary.  As the new Principal, I am looking forward to the upcoming school year and the many successes that await our campus. I am both humbled and honored at the opportunity to work with such a great community. Our staff is committed towards working together in order to provide meaningful learning experiences for all students. It will be my honor to work with them as a team, setting new goals and helping all students achieve to their highest potential.


I am very passionate about developing the whole child and preparing them for the future. Academic and social goals for all students are a high priority on our campus and will lead us to new accomplishments. By continuing to work together, we can make the upcoming school year a great success for all students.


Sincerely, Tomas Sias


Ira Cross Elementary Administrative Team


Mr. Sias - Principal


Mrs. Aviles - Assistant Principal

Mr. Pilgram - Assistant Principal


Mr. Turbeville - Campus Instructional Specialist

Mrs. Sumner - Campus Instructional Specialist


Mrs. Flowers - Counselor

Ms. Gardner - Counselor


Mr. Clark - Campus Support Technologist

Our Mission

Provide a safe and rich learning environment where students will interact with engaging and purposeful learning experiences, resulting in prepared life long learners.


Our Vision

Ira Cross Jr. Elementary will continue to be a learning community of high expectations, where each child will be challenged daily to reach their highest potential by engaging in profound learning experiences in order to prepare for future academic success.


Our Motto

Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow!