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Ms. Melissa Jenkins

Iduma Elementary

3rd Grade

9 Years of Experience


My favorite thing about teaching is that it is never boring! Unforgettable moments and memories happen each day. The most unforgettable moments happen each time you see the “ah-ha” look on a student’s face! The best memories are the daily hugs, random drawings as gifts, and hilarious comments from my students. Every day is a new and rewarding adventure!

Dear Parents,


We are off to a great start at Iduma! You children are doing a wonderful job of getting in to the school routine.

Please keep reinforcing those procedures and routines with your kids so that will know how important those things are at school.


One routine we can use your help with right now is the morning drop off process. We want to help you get in and out of our campus parking lot or nearby streets as quickly and safely as possible. Here are a few tips for morning time that can help everything go smoothly.


Morning Drop Off Tips


  • Several cars in each front drop off lane can drop off students at once. You don't have to be right next to the crosswalk to drop off your child.
  • You can pull up PAST the center crosswalk two or three car lengths. 
  • For cars in the lane closest to Foster Lane, kids should go to the center sidewalk and walk to the crosswalk.
  • For cars in the lane closest to the building, kids can go straight over to the main sidewalk and enter the building.
  • If you parallel park on Foster Lane, make sure that you are facing the correct direction so you won't get a ticket. If you are on the east (school) side of the street, you should be facing north toward Shoemaker HS and Ft. Hood. 
  • Students walking in from Foster Lane should walk to the stairs and cross at the crosswalk. Please remind them it's not safe to walk down the hill and through traffic in the front parking lot.
  • If you are walking in to the building with your child, you will need to show ID and sign in at the front office.


We truly appreciate all your support here at Iduma, and we are happy to have all of you in our school family!



Mrs. Tyson, principal

Dear Iduma families,


Just a friendly reminder that when we ask you to show your ID or leave it in the office for safe keeping during a campus visit, it is to help ensure the safety of all the students on our campus. Every child's safety is our very first concern!


Please be sure that you bring a state or government issued ID with you any time you plan to visit our campus, attend a field trip, or sign your child in or out of school. If you are staying for a visit on campus, please be sure to wear your vistor's badge sticker in a visible spot near your face. This helps us to know you have signed in and are cleared to be in the building. The same will apply to other adults who are are on your child's approved emergency contact or pick-up lists.


We wanted to direct you to a resouce posted on the main KISD site to keep you informed of KISD emergency proceedures and to give you some tips on things you may wish to talk about with your children.


Click HERE to view a letter from our Superintendant, Dr. Robert Muller, to parents about emergency operations crisis plans.