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Mrs. Brianna Randall

 Timber Ridge Elementary

2016 - 2017

Teacher of the Year


Brianna Randall is currently a 3rd grade teacher at Timber Ridge Elementary. She has 4 years of experience as an educator. When asked, "What is your favorite thing about teaching?" Mrs. Randall replied, "My favorite thing about teaching is witnessing students learning to love reading, especially those students who previously said reading is boring.  Then, through reading together, conversations and book talks, I can see students grow as readers.  Before we know it, they are asking, begging, for more time to read."


Congratulations Mrs. Randall! 




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Timber Ridge Elementary

would like to announce the newly elected

PTA Board 2017-2018


President: Christine Savoie

Vice President (Of Membership): Erika Smith

Secretary: Gina Flint

Treasurer: Kim Hutchinson

T-shirts: Chalonnie Bennett

Hospitality: Erika Hudson

Family Nights/Special Events: Jose Ventura


Basic Board Responsibilities:

The fundamental role of the board is to govern. PTA is a member-driven association. Members delegate power through bylaws. Much of the day-to-day work of a PTA is done by its board. Boards are entrusted with the PTA’s work by the members. Those responsibilities fall on the board as a whole - as a team - although every individual board member is still responsible for ensuring the board fulfills its duties. Have a copy of and refer to your unit’s bylaws. Follow those bylaws. Most importantly understand his or her basic responsibilities and be the voice for all the kids in your school. The PTA’s mission is to make every child’s potential a reality. 



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