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2017 Teacher of the Year

Joshua Wells
Richard E. Cavazos Elementary
10 Years of Experience

My favorite thing about teaching P.E. is seeing how excited the students are about coming to my class each day.  They are always interested in finding out what our activity is for the day and are eager to learn.

Dear Richard E. Cavazos Parents and Community,


As principal of Cavazos Elementary, it is my pleasure to welcome everyone back for another great year.  We are all excited to have students back in our classrooms and hallways filling them with energy and enthusiasm for learning.   At Richard E. Cavazos, we have great teachers who spend hours planning and creating classroom activities to engage our students in learning.   It is truly a privilege to be part of a community where parents, teachers, and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic and social growth.


Once again, welcome back Cheetahs,


Joseph Gullekson


S.T.A.R. Assembly Information 2016-2017


* S.T.A.R. (Success Traits Are Recognized) assembly will be held on the last Friday of each month (unless otherwise specified). It will feature two students from each class who exemplify the selected character trait of the month.


* The assembly will take place at 7:45 am in the gym. Announcements and pledges will take place once all classes are present and seated.


* Parents of students receiving awards will be invited to join us celebrate their student’s accomplishment.


DATE                           CHARACTER TRAIT OF THE MONTH


September 30                                 Respect

October 28                                      Self-Control

November 18                                  Responsibility

January 27                                     Teamwork

February 24                                    Problem-Solving

April 28                                           Perseverance

WATCH D.O.G.S. a K-12 program, invites fathers, grandfathers, uncles, or other father figures to volunteer at least one day all day at Cavazos during the school year.  


The program is overseen by a “Top Dog” volunteer who partners with the school administrator to coordinate scheduling and identify opportunities for WatchDOGS to provide assistance at the school. 


WatchDOG volunteers perform a variety of tasks during their volunteer day including monitoring the school entrance, assisting with unloading and loading of buses and cars, monitoring the lunch room, or helping in the classroom with a teacher's guidance by working with small groups of students on homework, flashcards, or spelling.   Please join!