Second-Grade Artifact Museum

By: Todd Martin
Second-graders at Cedar Valley Elementary School brought family treasures from home to make an artifact museum during a lesson Tuesday.

Students set out their items on tables in the cafeteria and then walked through, looking at the variety of pieces and reading the cards that explained each one.

Second-grade teacher Gerrica Bailey compared the display to a museum. She said bringing items from home allowed the lesson about artifacts to carry a more personal meaning for students.

Desaun Williams displayed a bamboo flute. He explained that the instrument was a gift from his grandfather to his grandmother and that they told him it expressed their love for one another.

“She kept it safe for a long time and she will pass it on to me,” the second-grader said of the carved bamboo flute from Panama.

Another student, I’Yanah Brown, showed off a pink and blue dress she said her grandmother bought for her. The Korean garment is a traditional dress to celebrate a baby’s 100th day of life, she explained.

Second-grader Abigail Coffman brought a violin in a case that she said her great-grandfather passed down. The instrument, she said, came from Germany.

Students brought flags, photographs, plaques, a miniature serving set and other items from family members.